Web Design

A successful website needs three things. Good content to engage and retain visitors, good marketing to ensure that it gets visitors and finally a good design to make the experience for the visitor as pleasurable and hassle free as possible.

Web design optimisation

Web design optimisation

Understanding Your Business

When we design your website, we will spend time getting to know you and your business, so that we can work out together what is best for you. Your business brand is an important aspect of your on-line identity and we will ensure that it is displayed seamlessly as part of your site’s overall design.

Understanding Your Customers

A good design is easy to navigate, pleasant to look at and read and above all, will leave a positive impression on anyone viewing the website. When designing a site, we step into the shoes of your customers and ask the important questions that mean they go away feeling good about you.

Content Management Systems

‘Static’ websites, where pages remain the same from the day they were created, are a thing of the past. To excel in the modern world, you will need a modern website which is easy to maintain and update. We are experienced with content management systems that do just that, including WordPress, Joomla! and others. We even built our own content management system, for those times when the ‘off the shelf’ systems don’t fit your needs.

Responsive Site Design

Websites have traditionally been designed to be displayed on a large computer screen. A big clunky thing that is great for showing fantastic images, video and reams of text. That was then. These days a lot of modern browsing is being done on small handheld devices. Traditional website designs are not viable on a small screen. That is where responsive design comes in, making sure your website is optimised for all screen resolutions.

To give a real world example, the Half Term Dates site, which saw 335,953 visits in the last 30 days (as of 26th March 2014), received just 49.3% of its traffic from ‘traditional’ desktop users. That means over half of the visitors to the site are using either a mobile phone or a tablet to view pages.

Mobile device usage statistics.

Web Site Price Guide

Every website has different requirements and yours is no exception. We treat every commission individually, crafting a bespoke site just for you. When you contract us to build a website we will provide you with a written estimate before any work commences.

Concerning prices, this is what you might expect.

Requirements Estimate Price
WordPress site
with slightly customised theme
£300 – £500*
WordPress site
with heavily customised theme
£500 – £800*
Purpose built website
with unique structure and design

* All prices exclude VAT.

Examples of Our Web Design Work

To see examples of the websites we have created, visit our portfolio page or to find out more please use our contacts page.

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