Social Media Marketing

Every business should devote time to Social Media Optimisation and digital marketing. That time can be created in-house or you can contract out your social media marketing. What you cannot do is ignore it.

Social media optimisation (SMO) is a phrase that is now becoming just as important as traditional search engine optimisation (SEO). Regardless of your business size online, SMO needs to form part of an overall online marketing business strategy.

Social Networks New and Old

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Everyone is now familiar with the names of Twitter and Facebook but in the ever changing world of social networking and marketing new big brand names launch their own apps and sites. Google launched their own social networking programme back in July 2011, called Google+ (plus). Google have grown their Google+ site and it is now a very serious competitor to Facebook and Twitter.

Did you know that Google+ allow for personal profiles and brand pages, similar to Facebook but with some very powerful advantages in local and global search. We can help you grow your business online by advising on the best use of social media.

Social Optimisation Services

Here at South Downs Web we understand that you cannot always keep up with the latest trends in social media marketing. We offer the follow services to help you make the most of social marketing.

  • Fully managed running of your social media profile online.
  • Creation of Google+ Profiles and Brand Pages.
  • Implementation of Google Authorship coding.
  • Advice on choosing the best social networking for your site.
  • Online reputation management – engage with your customers.

Your Reputation Online Counts

A very important part of online marketing is being discovered. No discovery means no web traffic, which can in turn lead to poor sales and conversion.

We at South Downs Web are very active across all of the important social networking sites, we follow (and very importantly are followed) by leading industry experts.

It is not the quantity of your followers but the quality. Interact, engage and retain your customers. 1000 engaged customers are worth much more than 10,000 silent ones.

 SEO is Now SMM

The tried and test methods of optimising websites for search are changing. Quality is as much a buzz-word as quantity. Grammar, authority, relevance, engagement are all words that you will hear when discussing online marketing.

We understand that SEO is changing and old habits must change too. To have authority is to have knowledge.

We still see our competitors advertising link building schemes or promising you a certain number of Facebook followers or Google+ circles. Those methods are old-school SEO and do not work.

We always follow best industry practise in Social Media Marketing. We analyse the latest social updates from Google and we react accordingly.

We can help your new business establish an identity online. We can offer one-off coaching on best practice or for a monthly fee we can offer you a bespoke fully managed service; you provide the content and we will proofread and market it online to the people that matter – your potential customers.

Please see our Pricing Page for our popular packages and pricing options.