Site Analytics

Once you have created a website and it has been online for even a short period of time, you will want to track and analyse your site traffic.

This is where professional tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools fit into your marketing strategy. These tools provide some very useful insights into the behaviour of visitors to your site.

How Can Webmaster Tools Help?

Website AnalyticsWebmaster Tools is a powerful data gathering application that quickly allows a webmaster to view important facts and figures relating to site traffic flow. It is possible to monitor key words and phrases that are being used in search. Webmaster Tools can also automatically send an alert if it detects unusual activity on a website. Such as a high number of spam links pointing to a site, or problems with page titles and descriptions.

Webmaster Tools is also very important in site reputation management; if perhaps in the past your website was subject to unethical SEO by a previous marketing company, WMT can help restore your online reputation with Google.

The amount of data that can be collected from a website and visitor can be daunting. We at South Downs Web understand that filling your email inbox up with facts and figures can be counter-productive.

We are experts at quickly identifying website traffic problems, areas of potential improvement and traffic growth.

Typical services that we offer are;

  • Creating and verifying of Webmaster Tools account
  • Optimisation of your site – setting target country and “www” or non “www” preferred domain in search results.
  • Identify low performing pages and key-phrases that are relevant to your niche.
  • Analysis of inbound and outbound links. Quality and relevancy check.
Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools

 Google Analytics Services

We always recommend that as well as using Webmaster Tools you also seriously consider using Google Analytics. Implementing Google Analytics involves adding some tracking code to your site / blog. This is something we can do for you.

Google Analytics provides much greater insights into the behaviour of your website visitors. You can gain valuable marketing information; for example you can see which make and model of Smartphone accesses your site.

You can see what pages are your most popular exit pages. You can monitor individual page download times – is a slow loading Contact Us page costing you lost sales and leads.

We use Google Analytics daily and understand just how useful and powerful a tool it is for online business. We can provide you with weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even annual data reports.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The graphic shown here is an example of how we can analyse visitor device screen size. The item highlighted happens to be the screen size of iPad devices. This type of data extraction helps us understand your customers better.

Our professional working knowledge of Google Analytics is yet another example of why you should choose South Downs Web to help expand your business online.