Keeping Track of Private Messages with Collections

Having private conversations on Google+ is easy and is a great way to communicate with family, friends and colleagues. However, trying to find those messages again afterwards can sometimes be a little tricky, especially if you are a really active user of Google+. Scrolling through your stream, or your notifications can indeed be a lengthy business.

Thankfully there is a really straightforward way to keep things under your control and that makes finding those private messages really simple. In this video I will show you how using Google+ Collections.


“Hello and welcome to another episode of DID YOU KNOW?

Today I’m gonna share a quick tip with you for making private messages and keeping track of them on Google+. It’s really quite simple and I know a lot of people use this already, so hopefully it will help you.

Right, so for the purposes of this test I have logged into my own Google+ account and my brand page, so I can show you how it all works.

So first of all I’m gonna go over to my collections tab here and I’m gonna create a new collection and call it Private Messages.

Now, you notice where it says ‘Visible to’? It’s currently set to Public. If I change that to ‘Only you’, the only person that can see this collection once I’ve created it, is me, or rather in this case my brand page. So I’m gonna create that now and I’ll accept the defaults here.

Okay, so now I’ve got a collection that is only visible to the profile that’s created it. All you need to do to create private messages, is start typing. So I’m gonna plus mention myself here. There we go and I’ll post that.

Straightforward so far?

So what I’ll do now to show you what it looks like from the other side is I’ll flick over to my other tab. Now I should have a notification popping up in a second. Oh, nope. Here we go, you can see the private message has appeared in my stream and it says shared privately. So at the moment I can’t tell that it’s in a collection or anything from this profile. If I open up in full, we should see the same thing again.

Here we go. So it just looks like any other private message on Google+ and I can comment, do whatever I like on it. Here we go, I’l do ‘Blah blah blah.’

Now, for the person who has created the collection, it’s now very, very simple to then go back and find that message. I’ll just refresh the page quickly. There’s my comment.

This is also really useful if someone else starts a private conversation with you. You can always grab the URL for that post and create your own post in here. It’s quite simple, you just paste the link in and then you can find that again yourself. It is so dead easy. I use it a lot and I know other people do too, so I thought it would be really useful to show you.

Okay, that’s it for now. Thank you for watching and goodbye.”



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