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Writing an article or blog post in optimal SEO format is much easier said than done. You will need to focus on relevant keywords to your article and website, while keeping your writing focused on the reader.

Content Writing Tips to Improve Search Ranking

Your text will have to appease both live audiences and the Internet spiders that will determine whether your blog is good enough for that coveted number one placing. Listed below are my 6 quick tips that I believe are essential to any SMEs business growth plan.

Before the Internet was in every household, journalists would write to keep readers interested for the entirety of their article in order to sell more ads. Then, at the dawn of the Internet, you could manipulate search engine ranking by cramming as many keywords into your writing as possible.

In the years after Google’s inception, the focus evolved to ranking sites that seemed more natural.

SEO writing historically was focused on keyword saturation and meta-tags; now it should feel more natural. Write good content for your readers not the search engines.

Evolution of SEO Writing

This was Google’s attempt at customer satisfaction and it continues today. Therefore your writing will have to be more natural while still notifying the search engines that your specific keyword is important. In addition to keywords, there are other points that Google takes into consideration.

They now pay attention to how long people spend on your page. This helps tell them whether you are writing to appease the bots, or people. In essence, SEO writing has come full circle back to journalism.

Utilising Keywords

While the search engines strive for ways to appropriately rank pages by popularity, they need something to associate those pages with corresponding searches. These are keywords and they are still needed in SEO writing today. It’s important to realize that you cannot spam keywords into articles like you previously could. This will tip the search engines off that you are trying to cheat the system. Instead of using the same keyword or phrase repeatedly, use relevant variations of it.

Using relevant keyword variations will help you convey your message to your readers, while keeping your article on the top of Google’s list. It’s good to avoid thinking too much about keywords any more. If you are writing naturally, you should already be using them enough to get ranked highly, providing you are producing high quality original content.

Keep Your Readers Interested

Be sure to write with the attention span of your reader in mind. If your writing gets too boring, or if you include large chunks of text with little white space, you may lose them. This time spent on your page will help to improve your standing in Google’s rankings. Make sure you include plenty of white space so that you don’t scare your readers away. Also, ensure your writing is personable and easy to read. If you come across as if you are explaining the inner workings of a graphing calculator, you will lose your readers. It’s important to keep your writing fun and light.

Utilise Backlinks

When most people speak of backlinks, they are referring to the links from other sites to your site. While these are important, you should also include internal links within your writing. Linking to the other articles on your site will improve the traffic they receive internally and externally. This is another way of telling the search engines that these pages are important. Try to include a good number of relevant back links within each of your articles. Don’t include too many though, as this can be a distraction to your readers.

Content Originality

It can be tempting to copy and paste information you find on the web for your site. This might make your job easier in the beginning, but Google will exile you to the land of forgotten blogs. Climbing your way back into the good grace of Google can be a daunting task. To avoid this, make sure that your writing is yours and yours alone. Small quotes from other sources are okay; just make sure you give credit where credit is due. You may even end up with a few extra back-links to your site this way.

Don’t Force It

Only write when you are in the mood to write. If you force your writing, it will be very apparent to your readers. This can be a major turn off for your visitors. You don’t need to keep a strict schedule of posting, just make sure you don’t get too far behind.

Post Web Content Regularly

Google is partial to fresh information. Sites that are updated regularly get preferential treatment from the search giant. This is part of Google’s algorithm. Their customers want recent news and information and a good way for a search engine to determine this is by the time stamp of when your page was posted. You should try to update your site as often as possible, while making sure you don’t burn yourself out.

What Makes Good Content; My Opinion

Good website content in my opinion is information that is accurate, informative, relevant to the web page and the phrase the person conducting the search used. If I am searching for an article on Blue Widgets, I do not want to click-through to a web page about Red Widgets.

There are no hard and fast rules about what makes good content but my experience has shown that you need to make sure any information on your website is as unique as possible. I appreciate that sounds easier said than done. It is possible to write a description of the Dorset Coast, for example in your own words and style.

Unique content is good content.

Try to add articles that will engage your web visitors and keep them interested in coming back to your website in the future. I expanded my business website by adding unique travel guides that I hoped my visitors would find useful. There are websites who for a fee will write unique content for you to use, if you really do not have the time to create some for yourself.

Consider writing articles offering advice or tips, for instance, about your experiences as a small business owner.

Aim to become an online expert in your field of business. If you run a carpet fitting business write content about the benefits of your services or products, but use your own unique words, do not just cut and paste the product brochure.

I will often revisit a web page and re-write some of the content as I learn more about my web visitors and their online searches.

A very important part of SEO and web traffic is the keyword / key phrase density on the page. This simply means the amount of times an important search phrases occurs on your web page. Try to avoid writing text that looks like a long list of keywords. You should write naturally flowing text that is easy for your visitors to read and understand. Write for your web visitors not for a machine!

SEO Content Writing Summary

Following these tips will help you to optimize your writing for SEO performance. Keep in mind that there is no sure thing and your success will be determined on several outside factors as well. It will depend on how competitive your niche is, and how much effort you put into it. Keep at it and you will find yourself gracing the top of Google’s search rankings.


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