Common SEO Myths, Getting Started.

Search Engine Optimisation basics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important element of online marketing, but it is also something that many of those who are new to online business misunderstand. SEO myths are often put out by dishonest companies trying to sell you services which are of little or no use to the search engine optimization process.

Consider the most common SEO misconceptions when you are looking for a reputable, honest SEO subject matter expert, who can truly help your company to succeed online.

1 – Search Engine Submission Services

Quite some years ago, one of the most important elements of search engine optimization was manually submitting your website to the search engines.

Around 2001, however, this entirely changed due to the fact that manual site submissions inevitably led to lower quality search results and spam.

These days, all of the major search engines index content automatically by way of the search engine crawlers which automatically analyse and index your site.

While most search engines still provide a page where you can post your web address, this is pointless these days. Likewise, any company advertising ‘search engine submission’ services is not likely to be an honest SEO company.

2 – Use of Meta Tags

Meta tags are not as important as they once were, although some of them should still be used for every page of content on any website. It is a common misconception and a hangover from past times that the meta keywords tag is still useful.

The meta keywords tag used to be a useful place to write down any relevant keywords for your page of content, but due to this feature being abused over and over, most search engines completely ignore the meta keywords tag when they crawl your site. You should still however, always fill in the title and description tags as they not only help for SEO; they also provide useful information in the search engine listings. You can safely ignore the keywords tag.

3 – Keyword Density

Keyword density is one of the most common SEO myths out there. It is something that dishonest SEO companies often talk about, even though it is nothing more than a total misconception. One of the most persistent SEO myths, keyword density revolves around a supposed mathematical formula that search engines use to determine the percentage of keywords used in your article. You will likely hear many things about keyword density being the be-all and end-all.

In reality, it should be completely ignored. Key words and phrases should be used naturally for the creation of easily readable, quality content. Keyword stuffing, or overusing keywords, will only serve to damage your site’s reputation and, in some cases, even get it removed from search engine listings altogether.

4 – Manipulating Search Engines

Search engine crawlers are the robots, which analyse new and updated webpages to index, categorise and rank the content. Major search engine companies such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, frequently update their search engine algorithms to take advantage of new technology and improved programming.

Every year, they start to function more and more like human beings instead of robots which can easily be manipulated to artificially increase site ranking. Less honest SEO companies often still claim that it is good for your online business to create content solely written for the search engines.

This supposedly optimized content containing links to your site is then posted on article directories containing low quality content. As search engines get better and better at filtering out such mass-produced, poor quality content, this way of artificially increasing your search engine exposure is becoming less and less useful.

Author by Malcolm Oakley


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