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Most webmasters would tell you that content is what is important, leaving out the qualifiers “unique” and “quality.” Bad or re-posted content is detrimental to your website on two levels – how the site looks to your visitors and how it looks to search engines.

You will either have to spend money purchasing articles, or spend time writing quality content. Either way, there are plenty of reasons to post only the best on your site.

Keeping Your Business Website Content Fresh

Many SEO experts use the term “fresh content” to refer to the idea of adding new content to your site on a regular basis. In some cases, however, that is not feasible. For example, if your SME site is about “hanging baskets” (an extreme case, I know), there is only so much one can write about the topic. Nevertheless, there are still ways to keep your content fresh. Often it is possible to re-word some of your articles periodically and perhaps move paragraphs around to create a new structure for an article. Additionally, change the photos you are using on a particular page.

If you do not have photos included in your posts, add some. You can also change the wording of the captions for the photos as well as the “title” and “alt” tags. In addition, move the photos around and reposition them on the page. Try this with other elements you might have as well (charts, graphs, etc). These are very small and minor changes but they serve the purpose of updating and changing your site or page from time to time.

The Importance of Unique Quality Content in SEO

Search engines are going to be responsible for most of your hits and return visits, so you need to understand why your content is responsible for making search engines think that you are relevant.

Webmasters will not understand the importance of quality content unless they understand how a search engine determines relevance and ranking. Think of it this way – your site’s graphics and layout are meant to increase legitimacy and appeal to human aesthetics, while your site’s text content is there to increase its legitimacy and ranking to a search engine.

Your site’s text content is what will determine both legitimacy and ranking. When your site does not have the proper keywords or have content that is present on other sites, your site will diminish in both. Keywords not related to the content of topic of your site are not going to help, so you need to keep it focused.

When you do have the related keywords in your article, remember to use them liberally, but not so much that it results in spam. If you are wondering whether it’s turned into a spam-filled article, just read it out loud and see if it reads and flows naturally. Should it not, chances are that you’re using the keywords too often. If you find that you do not have enough keywords, fret not.

Think about context and use related words or synonyms to use in your articles. Cars don’t just involve “cars,” after all. The topic of “cars” includes “used cars,” “car repair,” “car tyres,” and so forth. This might also give you some ideas on which topics to write about or purchase online, if you’re running low on ideas. Avoiding spamming your text with keywords also naturally makes it easier to read, which helps with your audience as well.

Keyword intense articles are likely to be marked as spam, lowering your ranking and thus, making it difficult to be considered relevant by search engines.

Write Quality Content for Your Site Visitors

Think about the sites you have found through a search engine. Chances are that once or twice, you have happened across two or more different sites that have the same content, only reworded and restructured. Not only is it frustrating to keep seeing the same pieces of information repeatedly, but also chances are that you are not going to bookmark those sites.

You might even block those sites so you do not waste your time looking through rehashed content.

Your visitors will do the same if your site does not have anything different in terms of quality or uniqueness. They will simply pass it by for more informative sites. Sites revolve around two things – content, and the audience and visitors it draws into it. Without the high quality and unique content, you are not going to get visitors and your site will fade into obscurity.

Your site has nothing to promote it to both your visitors and search engines but your content. A good layout and pictures may make it seem respectable, but quality content is what gives your site longevity. If there is anything you shouldn’t skimp out on, it’s content.

The Importance of Page Unique Quality over Quantity

Bad Page Content Gets Found Out

As briefly mentioned previously, creating a web page stuffed full of your relevant key-phrases will harm your SEO efforts and cost you repeat web visitors too.

It will sound alarm bells in the search engine algorithms. In the early boom days of the internet it was not uncommon to see web sites with great long lists of keywords displayed towards the footer area. It was also sadly very common to see the same long list of keywords displayed as white text on a virtually white background; for example.

Write Fresh Content and Informative Articles

The business aim of Google is to supply relevant and informative web search results. Google does penalise websites that participate in activities that are not in the best interests of the search user. If I am researching a new “Blue Widget”, I do not want to visit a website that has 1/3 of a web page that simply lists all the variations of the phrase I had just entered into Google. It is bad practice and it will harm your SEO efforts.

Stealing, copying, cut and pasting web content from other sources is also frowned upon. Again, the search engines are smart to this. Various factors are taken into account concerning displaying a website of authority and displaying a web page that has simply copied the original content.

Aim to be the best source of unique content in your sector. Write original unique content in your own style and your own words. If you want to use images and graphics then make sure, you have full permission from the copyright owner. Many good stock-image websites allow you to purchase a wide range of images for business use at low prices.

Do not steal web content, create your own and you will be thanked for it, both by the search engines and by your repeat web visitors.

Good content will create good word-of-mouth recommendations for you and your website. You will always need to add and create fresh articles over time to prevent your website dropping off the bottom of the search results. Google likes fresh information. Even a fresh article every 2 months is better than a static page years old and out of date.

Author by Malcolm Oakley


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