SEO and Proofreading, Is Grammar Important?

Grammar and Content

Successful small business owners across the globe understand the need for clear, concise messages; calls to action. Owning a successful website or blog is a business and the content created reflects directly on you, the site owner. You are very often judged simply by your own written words.

Good Grammar and SEO, Is It Important For Business?

How often do you revisit your content and proofread? It should always be part of your continuous improvement. The sheer amount of written word on even the smallest of websites makes it easy to miss the odd typo but by committing yourself to regular proofreading sessions you should be able to keep them to an absolute minimum.

Recently I had a conversation with Ian Dixon, a marketing expert, about the importance of proof reading and the negative effects that a poorly written article can have on business.

The conclusion both Ian and myself came to was thus; far too many article writers spin content without actually proofreading the content.

Small businesses do not have massive advertising budgets and have to rely on word of mouth in order to get their message across. If for example, your site/blog advertises the fact you are a leading SEO Content Expert you can understand how every single paragraph you write needs to be accurate, informative and above all else, make sense.

SEO and Proofreading

Search engines are clever things; making accurate assumptions about what we “actually” meant to search for. Correcting typos and automatically filling in the missing words and punctuation. That’s great; if your website visitors are only ever machines.

With the ever growing increase in review websites and comment forms, small businesses have to find new ways to stand out from the crowd and gain favourable reviews and comments. An area of SEO that is often overlooked is proofreading; the task of reading and re-reading your content, correcting errors as you go.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your business logo is or how pretty the “customer service stock image woman” is, if your written word resembles that of a slug  you are going to lose credibility.

Just like many of us would shy away from buying expensive items on auction sites with descriptions containing terrible grammar, so just as many people will ignore your blog / site if  the content is hard to comprehend and looks amateurish.

Quality Content Counts

A business no matter how big or small relies on its reputation. Your online reputation is now probably one of the most important factors in your success or failure. If you gain a reputation for producing accurate sources of information your site visitors will be happy to share your URL amongst their own contacts.

However should you gain a reputation for having poorly written articles, with multiple spelling mistakes, incomprehensible sentences and spun content, you will struggle to make headway in the search rankings.

Always write for humans; always write for intelligent humans; always proof read your site.

An important point to remember is that spell checking software commonly only spell checks – it doesn’t attempt to make sense of an article.

  • It’s tough in their business.
  • There is a new business in town.
  • They’re now in business together.

The above phrases are all spelt correctly but have very different meanings. So imagine the confusion when an article will refer perhaps to; their now in business and its there own company.

We understand the message, but if grammar is neglected widely across a site the perceived quality and subject authority begins to drop in people’s opinions. As a small business owner you cannot afford to let standards slip. Your biggest asset is you.

Prove to me you are the absolute authority on a subject and I’ll be only too pleased to share your URL with my friends and business colleagues.

In Summary;

Poor quality content is not king. Quantity over quality will not bring you repeat visitors. If you struggle with writing quality content, then consider using the services of a reputable author. Don’t just assume that people will share your blog URL because it has a 101 articles on tourism or marketing. They will share it if you convince them you are an expert in your field of expertise. Proofreading alongside good grammar should be very much part of your SEO small business plan.

Author by Malcolm Oakley


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