Backlinking SEO Software. Bad For Business

I’ve seen several posts recently on the SEO communities advertising Backlinking Software to help people get started in business. Those of us who have been in business for a while online, should by now be aware of the search engine penalties that can be imposed for mass back-linking in order to simply gain ranking.

Backlinking Software Adverts, Not Good For Business.

I have some very high quality backlinks, from online businesses such as “The BBC, The Guardian Newspaper, Huffington Post” and others. All of these quality back-links were obtained organically. That is; I published unique quality content online that was shared by my site visitors. Eventually my site was recognised as being a leading authority on my subject niche.

As my site became more and more popular, the big players online started to link to my site, recognising that it was informative, accurate, regularly updated and spam free.

There is very little SEO gain to be had from mass backlinking and Google WILL penalise your business website if you simply link for the sake of gaining website ranking.

Sure, I don’t have a sparkly looking business logo, I don’t boast of 5,000 new PR 5 back-links every week but what I do have is 1/3 million unique web visitors every month. I have a 4 figure Adsense income every month, I have high ranking on Google for multiple search phrases and I have traffic growth year on year.

Business websites link to my site because it provides high quality information, written for humans, by a human. I check all the links on my site for destination, ensuring that spam-links never make it beyond my email inbox.

Paid Backlinks; My Summary.

If you want to spend money obtaining high quality backlinks, I would suggest employing a proofreader, or perhaps an established author to write unique content for your business website.

Back-linking software is at the very best; dubious and at the very worse will harm your SEO campaign badly. The major search engines have highly sophisticated algorithms that detect suspicious linking activity.

Once your site is then classified as risky or spammy, you have a hard job ahead of you trying to remove all the poor quality links pointing to your business.

It is possible to ask Google to reconsider a manual or automatic penalty but it’s a lengthy process; during which time your business could be losing valuable sales leads.

Try to gain links organically; write accurate, unique content and people will be happy to share your website details in forums, newsletters, blogs etc.

You do not need 1000’s of web links to obtain high web traffic levels.
You DO NEED high quality web links – links of authority.

Author by Malcolm Oakley


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