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SEO Audits for Small Business

With the constant changes to search engine algorithms, it’s not surprising many businesses struggle to keep up with SEO. It’s hard to know where to begin, but if you leave a website static for too long, it can seriously damage business growth.

Ten Reasons to Audit Your Online Business

Many small to medium sized businesses are unaware that a regular SEO audit is key to maintaining a strong web presence and higher organic search engine rankings.

What Is an SEO Audit?

It’s a simpler process than many people realize. An SEO audit works like a checkup for your website. Various elements of your website and current SEO strategy are examined to discover areas for improvement.

Some aspects can be improved upon and parts that aren’t working effectively can be fixed. A fresh set of eyes can see where you’re going wrong and maximize your SEO strategies to improve web traffic and brand awareness.

How Can an SEO Audit Help Your Business?

Deal With Algorithm Changes.

Google and the other major search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to deliver better results in search engine results pages (SERPs). A professional SEO auditor is familiar with the latest trends, so they are best positioned to direct or implement the most effective SEO techniques. They can also make sure your website complies with changing Webmaster Guidelines.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

It’s frustrating if you think your SEO strategy is in good health, but your rankings with search engines are disappointingly low. You’ve probably done a lot of things right, but there can be underlying problems with your website or strategy that you’ve simply overlooked.

Update Your Link Profile

Natural links to your website can change every day, so it’s important to check that the links pointing to your site are not from poor quality sites that may harm your search engine rankings. On-site links can also be optimized for SEO.

Avoid Website Errors

Website errors occur more frequently than many people realize. They can include broken links, faulty pages, duplicate content, accessibility issues, and usability issues. As well as harming your search engine rankings, they’ll lose you valuable traffic and damage your credibility.

Keep Up With Your Business Competition

You may have ranked quite high in SERPs a few years ago, but are you being overshadowed by the competition? There may even be younger businesses that are ranking higher for certain search queries. An SEO audit can help you fight back.

Improve Website Traffic

Ranking high for certain search terms won’t last forever. Google updates like Penguin and Hummingbird affected most websites. Some even saw a serious decline in website traffic. An SEO audit can identify holes in your overall marketing strategy and lead to improvements in content and social media marketing.

Check Your Present SEO Strategy

You may be paying an SEO firm or individual to keep your SEO on track. Are you sure they know what they’re doing? Are you getting your money’s worth? A reputable SEO firm can tell you if the proper SEO guidelines are being followed and make sure your money is being well spent.

Reduce Your Spending on Advertising

Are you paying too much for Google Adwords or other forms of online advertising? There may be more effective ways to achieve your goals. Use an SEO audit to locate your audience so you can implement more effective advertising strategies and maximize organic traffic.

A Good Return on Investment

Even a small investment in an SEO audit can result in major long-term website improvements. When your time is precious, it sometimes makes sense to leave it to a professional. It usually doesn’t take very long to complete an initial audit, meaning you can identify areas for improvement very quickly.

See Your Website From a New Perspective

As with many long-term projects, a fresh set of eyes will often see problems that you missed. With purpose-built software, a professional auditor can also discover hidden problems that need fixing. Sometimes, simple changes to website code can make a big difference.

The Bottom Line.

Getting a regular SEO audit every six months or so can go a long way to improving your visibility on Google and other search engines. These are just a few reasons why an audit can help improve search engine rankings, drive more traffic, and help you reach your long-term business goals.

Author by Malcolm Oakley


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