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Avoid Mistakes Online

Internet marketing has fast become the most prominent form of advertising for both traditional businesses and Web-based ones. Here are my tips on ensuring you don’t harm your business marketing efforts.

5 Common Online Business Marketing Mistakes.

The trend is particularly popular among newer businesses and start-ups, largely due to the fact, that for the most part, online marketing is free. However, there is also a huge amount of competition to rise above. After all, the Internet is a global medium and one which is constantly growing.

You will only be rewarded for your online marketing efforts through dedication and careful research. You will also need to be committed and familiar with the latest trends of the industry. It is also necessary to appeal to the widest possible audience. This means accommodating the rapidly growing number of mobile Internet users by making your website mobile-friendly.

The following looks at five of the most common mistakes made by small businesses which are relatively new to the world of Internet marketing and commerce.

1 – Relying on Sponsored Advertising.

Sponsored advertising typically refers to contextual pay-per-click advertisements placed automatically on numerous websites and social networks. While being able to set your own daily advertising budget might sound appealing, sponsored advertising can still be risky (expensive), particularly for small business start-ups. While such advertising does have its place, it is generally better suited to larger and well-established businesses.

Statistically, more than eighty percent of Internet users very rarely, if ever, click on sponsored advertisements on social networks or in the Google search results. Instead of using paid advertising methods, focus on content marketing and getting people to share your work in order to drive traffic to your website and increase your standing with the search engines.

2 – Placing Quantity above Quality.

If you have been involved at all with the world of online marketing, you have probably already heard the phrase ‘Content is King.’ However, this should not be misunderstood as placing the importance of quantity over quality. Indeed, no content marketer can ever publish too much content but the quality is far more important, particularly in this new age of search engine optimization and increasing demands.

Your Web content be it in the form of blog posts, videos or images, is what defines and builds your business brand’s image and credibility online. Poor quality content laced with spelling and grammar errors will only end up having a negative effect. If you plan to outsource your work, be prepared to pay for quality and make absolutely sure that your content is original, factual and helpful to its targeted audience.

3 – Relying Too Much on SEO.

Search engine optimization is undoubtedly an important part of online marketing, but it is also one of the most misunderstood.

Because of this, many less experienced Internet marketers or those hoping to get results as quickly as possible use unscrupulous methods in order to manipulate the search engine crawlers into artificially increasing their page ranks.

Relying too much on SEO leads to a sacrifice in content quality, which in turn leads to completely the opposite results to what was intended.

Overusing keywords in page content, anchor text, titles and meta tags looks terrible to your visitors and it won’t look good to the search engine crawlers either. Instead, ensure that your online marketing efforts revolve around people, not artificial search engine rankings. First impressions count in any type of business niche and your website quality needs to reflect your high standards.

4 – Not Focussing on a Business Niche.

While it is important to diversify your content in order to reach a wider audience, you should also ensure that you are marketing to a niche rather than a demographic. Some online marketers seem to think that the only important thing is the number of visitors to their websites. However, if the visitor to conversion ratio is poor, then this statistic is largely irrelevant.

Instead, you should clearly define your niche, not only to target a specific audience with a high potential conversion ratio, but also to stand out among the competition. Focussing on a demographic might still come as part of your niche, but focusing primarily on the niche itself will help to draw in visitors from a more diverse range of people. Are you a business selling apples or a business selling bricks; you need to focus on your core expertise and aim to become an expert in your field of knowledge.

5 – Being Impatient.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing of all about online marketing is that it takes a long time to get results.

However, a lack of patience will quickly negate the effectiveness of your efforts. It can be tempting to give up when it often takes a matter of months to see results, but rather than focusing too much on financial goals, consider making activity goals instead.

In order to avoid losing your motivation, it is important to recognise the fact that results will take a long time to really start making a difference. You should also have a solid marketing plan for your business set in place before you even get started.

Consistency is another essential in any form of Internet marketing. Set aside a certain amount of time every week for content creation and marketing.

Author By Malcolm Oakley


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