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Google have a very active product forum online for their Adsense programme. A place where people can ask questions about applying for Adsense and using it live.¬†Perhaps the most often asked question is “why was my application declined?

Quite often the person asking the question will supply a URL link to their blog or site and ask the more successful webmasters to have a look and explain why, in their words, they think the application was denied. Some sites are immediately obvious, with very little content and poor navigation. Some sites at first glance look professional but are still rejected by Google. This articles covers some of the more common reasons for rejection.

Adsense Quality Policy

I have been using Google Adsense for many years and in my opinion a common cause of application rejection is not reading and fully understanding the Adsense Quality Policies and Webmaster Guidelines.

I have seen blog owners who have great looking sites, with in some cases 500-1000 visitors per day, still get rejected. Upon following the URL they used in their application it is normally very obvious within seconds as to why they were rejected.

  • Content quality issue – a blog / website should not be automated. That means you cannot just create a blog from an RSS newsfeed and let it run. I have seen blogs that just syndicate news from other sites of higher authority. The blog owner may get good traffic from promoting his site but all the content is simply scraped from the original source. Fully automated blogs are frowned upon by Google.
  • Prohibited content – A website that has content about the sales or distribution of coursework or student essays is prohibited from joining Adsense. So this means if your business website niche is about providing coursework and exam paper results you are most likely not going to be able to join Adsense.

There are many more quality guidelines that should be taken into account when applying to join and Google do provide very comprehensive help files for anyone thinking of applying.

Website Quality Guidelines and Adsense

Another common reason for programme rejection is the quality of the website itself (not the content quality). Google Adsense will most likely reject your application if you do not have clear and simple site navigation in place. This means that at the very least you should be using categories or tags on each of your WordPress posts and then creating a basic sidebar or header menu from them.

Websites that have links that redirect site visitors to other sites automatically or have pop-ups that interfere with website navigation are again against policy. This means even if you have a welcome pop-up or a survey pop-up it must be placed in such a location that it doesn’t restrict site navigation use.

Websites should be easy for anyone to navigate around. You should have clear links for each section of your site, including on every page a link to your home page and privacy policy.

Adsense Privacy Policy

Anyone using or applying for the programme must have a valid and publicly accessible Privacy Policy. If your policy is not easy to find or is missing, you will be rejected. The Adsense help files provide guidance on preparing your own online privacy policy.

Webmaster Content Guidelines

An application can be refused for a lack of content. This doesn’t mean that your content is of poor quality but it means there is not enough of it per page and even site-wide. A blog page made up of just photos and images will be rejected. Likewise a blog page showing only copyright videos will also be rejected.

A good website contains on each page unique high quality content. If your blog just contains; for example 5 posts and a contact page, it will most likely lead to denial to join the programme. You must have a reasonable amount of well written content not copied from another site or scraped from a newsfeed.

You are not allowed to display Adsense alongside copyright protected content. So if you display images or text on your site that you do not own or you do not legally have a right to display your application to join Adsense will be rejected.

Restricted Locations and New Blogs

Certain countries have a restriction that prevents joining until a blog / site has been owned / online for over 6 months. You may find your blog has good original content, great traffic but if it is not over 6 months old you will sadly have to wait a while.

Also you need to be 18 years old or older in order to apply for Adsense. You can get a parent or guardian to submit an application using their own account. If the application is successful any revenue will be paid to the adult responsible for the site.

Illegal Activities

An application to join Adsense will be refused for any site or blog that displays content about illegal activities. Such as cracking software piracy codes or displaying passwords for paid content / software. To join the programme you need a site / blog that is of the highest quality. You do not need 1000s of visitors per hour but you do need to abide by the rules of most countries.

Join Adsense Today

The above reasons for rejection are just a few. The full list of quality guidelines for joining the programme can be found online here; Adsense Programme Help.

With hard work and great content you can make a success of Adsense but please understand that the quality guidelines are in place to protect the 1000s of people already using Adsense.

If adverts were allowed to be displayed on illegal sites, adult sites, spam sites then the high quality big business advertisers would leave, resulting in a loss of revenue for both Google and its publishers. That’s you and me.


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