Putting the social into social media


Have you ever wondered how some people manage to get so much engagement whenever they post on social networks like Facebook and Google+?

There is no magic involved, there is just one simple rule that we should all follow.

Be social.

What not to do

Have you noticed some people and brands only ever seem to post links? That is known as link dumping and doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t help them and it certainly doesn’t help you.

Have you ever wondered what that would be like in real life, if you came face to face with such a person?

It would be like this…

Not very endearing is it.

Learn to be social

The answer to this is of course to learn to be social. Imagine you are meeting someone in real life. Think about the conversation you might have with them. How you phrase your sentences is really important, as it gives them clues about your personality. We all want to be liked and we all try to make a good first impression. So when you post something online, let that shine through!

You will probably have realised by now, that to do all this does involve a little leg work. You can’t simply share a blog post and expect everyone to love you for it. Give a little extra. Perhaps a commentary on the thing you are sharing, with your own personal view. Ask a question or pose a problem. Make people laugh. Anything. Tell a story. Like in the post below.

Leave the hard selling behind and people will respect you for it.

That’s the secret to getting engagement.


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