Google Kills Authorship Results

Google Search results with Authorship

Google Kills Authorship Results РDid You Understand it? Innovation only works if the masses can easily adopt to it.

Google Pulls The Plug on Authorship NOT Publisher.

Rel=author; equals people posting about cat and dog grooming for personal search ranking. Equals not much revenue opportunity for the big G.

Rel=publisher; equals brands running big marketing projects making money for Google via huge advertising budgets.

Authorship and the mystical author rank are great ideas, sadly implemented in such a ham-fisted way it would seem the masses never bothered.

I did understand the process, it was easy. You didn’t need to create G+ community pages to understand it.

You added your name: By Malcolm Oakley and you added a little bit of code, that Google supplied (and explained where to insert it), to the same article page.

You added the code and your name to any worthy ARTICLE that you, personally wrote.

Somehow this simple process grew into a massive black hole that sucked the life out people. The G+ gurus moved in for the kill and all of a sudden a massive influx of authorship experts appeared overnight.

All you had to do was read the Google help article.

In Google’s defence, their help article/page on implementing authorship actually was good.

It stated the process was exactly what I had written above. Where I think it all went wrong was in the way the verification page data on Webmaster Tools was presented.

People understood how to add their name and the code snippet to a blog article but they didn’t understand the results on the verification page.

Google perhaps should have kept authorship and publisher verification results separate.

The Publisher tag perhaps should have been called a brand page tag, as I think people were confused over the difference between Authorship and Publisher code tags. (One is for people, the other for webpages).

My website is not a Publisher but that’s the tag I have to use to link with my G+ Brand page. Google (and many others) do not sign up to the plain English speaking way of thinking.

I link my G+ Brand Page to my website with a tag called Publisher. Doesn’t make sense to me that word.

Why Did Authorship Fail To Be Adopted?

I think the number one reason for low take-up was the horrendous process. Rel publisher, rel author, email verification, link your G+ page to your home page only, bylines on articles not home pages.

Google is run by people who at times have a complete inability to write a process ordinary people can understand. You only had to look at the verification page on Webmaster Tools to realise what a shambles the process was.

Google need to look at the developers who create these processes and then send them out into the real world, with real people.

Author by Malcolm Oakley

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