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As a business networking on Google+ it can be tempting to constantly try and sell, sell, sell your services or products. You have an almost limitless public audience to spread your message.

We are used to the world of online advertising where we expect a certain return on investment (ROI) for our time and effort.

Have you considered that perhaps being on content “output mode” 24/7 could actually be hindering your efforts to gain more exposure and engagement on Google+. The term social media networking should also make you think about social giving.

Give Before You Take

Consider the following post we made on Google+. It wasn’t a post promoting any of our services. It wasn’t a post selling anything. It wasn’t a call to action, such as an invite to view a certain page on our site.

The Google+ post below was us giving something back to the community. We thought our existing followers, and more importantly our potential new followers, would find the animation and information useful.

By taking the time to create a post on Google+ that educates, informs and above all else gives something back, you can gain large exposure for your brand page without the constant hard sell we see so often.

Giving something back to the Google+ community can be a very powerful way to build up a following and importantly user engagement. People are willing to share your posts if they don’t feel there is a hard sell or some other business driven motive behind them. This single post alone had over 17 public shares and several +1 endorsements  (the Google+ equivalent of a Facebook Like).

We would suggest that rather than post constantly about your brand you should look at other ways you can provide interesting and engaging content on G+.

Photographers for example, could post daily or weekly help tips or share their daily favourite image found on G+. By using #hashtags you could soon have a regular following of people who want to discover your next tip of the week or image of the day.

By sharing content produced by others you are much more likely to have the same happen to your own content. Always include a description when sharing someone’s G+ post, explain why your are sharing the article.

Flattery, when done correctly, will get you a long way on G+. If you see an interesting blog post or a helpful photography tip then share it. Giving credit to the creator of the original post.

Google+ Sharing for Results

A popular way to give something back is to share a blog article or someone elses G+ post. This post above shows how you can create interaction on your own Google+ profile posts by simply helping others.

In the example above both the profile sharing the post and the subject of the post have gained valuable user engagement.

For every post you create that is “selling your brand”, create two more posts that are giving something back for free. Share your niche knowledge. Offer free tips and advice. Join a help community and offer to try and help solve common G+ issues.

By giving something back to Google+ you will gain much more in return. Give more of you and slightly less of the brand. Try it today, give something back.

Author by Malcolm Oakley


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