Rank Site Content With Few Links

This video from Google’s Matt Cutts is perhaps on of the most important videos anyone new to SEO and online content-marketing can watch.

Pay great attention to the part where Matt says that good content, with a good niche CAN rank highly without 100s of links from external sites pointing to it.

Proving YET AGAIN that writing good content is a very valid method of gaining popularity in search. There is no need ever to participate in back-linking schemes. Please remember this statement.

Link Building For New Sites/Blogs

Many established and start-up sites / blogs will receive emails from “SEO agencies” offering to build high ranking PR links for a monthly fee. This process of link building is often against Google’s quality policy. Here at South Downs Web we see only too often this type of cold-calling by UK and overseas agencies.

Do not purchase backlinks – do not take part in link exchange schemes. Matt has explained in this video that your content can rank well with only a small number of links.

So if you are new to owning a site or blog, keep producing excellent content, keep marketing your excellent content online and off but don’t be tempted to gain links artificially. By becoming an expert in your niche, external web sites will naturally in time link back to your high quality content.

Author by Malcolm Oakley


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