Focus on User Experience, Not Links

Focus on user experience and site quality.

If you want to skip forward 2 mins and 30 seconds through the video in this article, you’ll hear Matt Cutts of Google talking about how he thinks webmasters concentrate too much on link building and not enough on content and creating great user experience.

Obviously if you own a link building agency you are going to argue the point with me but my bottom line is; you do not need to take part in link building to get seen online.

Focus on User Experience and not Link Building.

Matt Cutts of Google says it, I say it, others say it – build compelling content and a great user experience and people will link organically.

Think about your site:

  • is it mobile /tablet responsive?
  • does it download in under 2-3 seconds?
  • do you have clear site navigation?
  • do you have easy to find contact details?
  • is your grammar and comprehension first class?
  • are you writing content for your site audience?
  • have you included legally required content – privacy policy, consumer protection?
  • is your content truly unique and of the highest quality?

These are just a few things to consider before you even begin to think about link exchanging.

Anyone that says a business must build back-links to succeed is the owner of a link building agency and is firstly concerned with making money.

Anyone that says you must build a site for your visitors, that interests them and gives them what they want, efficiently and ethically is not out to take your money.

They are out to grow your business with you – we are those people. Let South Downs Web grow your local business the right way.

Author by Malcolm Oakley


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