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Ford Mustang - Google+

As Google+ continues to grow as does the level of interaction between content creator and content viewer.

It is becoming very apparent with the recent merger of several Google image products, that Google+ is a great place to showcase your photographic skills.

Both professional and amateur photographers are posting a huge amount of high quality content on their Google+ Personal Profiles and Brand Pages. There are limitations on the total size of storage Google allows for images but resized images less than 2048 x 2048 px do not currently count towards your total allocation.

How Will That Help My Business?

Take this post above on Google+, in a little over 48 hours the image had received over 34,353 views and 634 +1s (when a real person clicks a button on the post to show they like the image).

Imagine if the person posting the image owned a professional vehicle restoration business. Imagine if the person was a classic car salesman. Imagine if you sold toy cars like the ones we watched on TV in the ’80s. Just imagine.

Is the success of image content just limited to photos of classic cars? Is Google+ just about boys and their toys? The answer is quite simply no.

Local Search Calls For Local Images

The image above is of a very famous London landmark. The image has been viewed online 20,603 times on Google+. Imagine if the image included your London River Taxi business in the background.

Imagine you owned a River Taxi service and had some great images of London viewed from the River Thames. Imagine you owned a riverside restaurant with amazing sunset views over London. Just imagine.

Networking on Google+

Images on Google+ can very easily be shared (you can enable/disable this via settings) allowing for even greater exposure of your work. You might not get immediate business leads from an image being shared but you will have your visual content seen by an even greater audience than you first thought.

Imagine if you ran a photography business and you had a passion for motorcycles. Imagine you turned that into a successful niche. Imagine if fellow motorcyclists shared your passion for photography and shared your image to their friends and their friends. Just imagine.

Google+ is full of people with imagination. Imagine the possibilities with images. Amazing isn’t it.
Author by Malcolm Oakley


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