Integrate social comments with your WordPress blog

Recently Google released the APIs for Google+ integration and immediately I started to dream of the possibilities.

In a post by Stefan Svartling, I became aware that Google have switched to Google+ comments for Blogger. This is an important change for Blogger, as driving engagement through social media is much easier than asking someone to create a login specifically for your website.

Imagine if you could do that with WordPress…

A quick search gave me exactly what I was looking for, a plugin by the name of Comments Evolved which allows you to log in and comment using your existing social media accounts.

I downloaded and installed the plugin straight away to test it out. Once activated you can view and edit the settings for it.

Comments Evolved - Settings

You can see from the screenshot above the settings are very straightforward. I chose Google+ and Facebook for mine and so added the labels for them. Here is what they look like on my post Supercharge your Google+ profile.

Google+ comments in WordPress


Needless to say, the Facebook tab is a similar experience.

What I found interesting and brilliant at the same time, is that just by copying and pasting the link from my blog to Google+ and posting about it there, Comments Evolved counts that as a comment on the page. All of the engagement in the screenshot above was generated within Google+ itself and not via the blog.

I have witnessed a few people recently commenting on the engagement they see on their blogs dropping, compared with the engagement they see on social networks. Well, this may just be the answer!


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