11 Social Media Top Tips

Everyone else does five or ten tips, but we are doing eleven! Eleven is better!

Now that is out of the way…

  1. Profile picture
    A profile without a picture, or a profile with a bad picture sends the wrong message. Make sure you have a good one.
  2. Complete your profile
    A complete profile helps other people find you via searching and also gives visitors to your profile page useful information. An incomplete profile harms you by sending negative messages about who you really are.
  3. Add links to your websites
    Wherever you can, add links to your important websites in your profile. Search engines love links and it will help your site’s ranking.
  4. Add links to your social media profiles
    Just as with regular websites, add links to your other social media profiles. You should also add links on your regular websites too.
  5. Add your profile links to business cards and e-mail signatures
    It is all about visibility and making it easy for others to find you. Don’t rely on the social network itself, use whatever forms of communication you can.
  6. Follow interesting people and brands
    Follow people and businesses you think will be interesting. See how they use social media effectively and learn from them.
  7. Comment on interesting posts
    Engage with others by replying to tweets and commenting on posts. It increases your visibility and will gain you followers.
  8. Share interesting posts
    If you see something worth sharing, then share it! The original poster will thank you and may follow you or share your posts in return.
  9. Create interesting posts
    Once you have got the hang of posting comments, create your own interesting posts. Establish your brand and get your message across.
  10. Mention other people in your posts
    Mention people using @ or + (Google+ only). It encourages them to respond and engage with you. They may share your initial post too.
  11. Be polite and engaging
    Finally, be polite and respond to other’s comments on your posts. It shows you are human and worth following.


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