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Using WordPress – Part 2 – Adding images

Level: Beginner

Adding Pictures

To really make your blog posts stand out, you need to use images. You can use them to emphasize your points, give examples of things you are describing to the reader and to provide additional or alternate information.

WordPress makes adding pictorial content a piece of .

You aren’t restricted to still images either and can easily incorporate video.

How to add a picture

At it’s most basic, to add a picture is very simple. To start click on Upload/Insert just above the button bar.

This will take you to the Add Media dialogue box.

If the picture you want to add is on your computer (or a drive you have access to), it’s a simple matter of either dragging and dropping the file into the area indicated, or clicking on the Select Files button and going through the normal process for opening files that everyone should be familiar with.

Once you have dragged your file or clicked on Open, the image will start uploading. You’ll see a blue status bar as the image is uploaded and ‘crunched’. When it has reached 100%, a thumbnail (a small representation of the image) and several options will appear below. Scroll down to see all the options.

Here is a brief explanation of the different options:-

Finally, when you are happy with the basic settings (yes, I said basic) click on Insert into Post.