Innovation or desperation?

Since Google entered the social media market they have been creating waves. What better proof is needed of this than the reactions of the competitors in the market?

Since the launch of Google+ with it’s Circles and Hang Outs, Facebook have been releasing new features that emulate those of Google+. In Facebook you can now specify who gets to read your posts (like Google+), you can now instantly message multiple people at a time (like Google+), you can now video conference people as well (like Google+) and you can even subscribe and read other people’s posts without friending them (like Google+).

Couple that with Facebook pages, groups and friends and it starts to get a little confusing. The thing I (and a lot of others) like about Google+ is its simplicity and style. It does everything that Facebook is trying to do out of the box and it’s easy to use. There is no need for retro fitting things in and confusing the hell out of people. Oh and there aren’t a million adverts cluttering up your screen either.

So, should Facebook be ignoring the competition and just concentrate on what it is already doing and trying to do that better? Of course not. It would be foolish for any business to fail to move with the times, even if that means becoming like the competition.

Is it too little too late for Facebook? Well, time will have to tell on that one. Facebook has dominated the market and has definitely had a good run for its money. However, there are interesting times ahead and perhaps the level of competition will spur all sides on to doing greater things!


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